AI for Human Well-being


Advancing AI research and creating reliable AI technologies to promote and improve human well-being.

Vision and Objectives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies how to create computational systems that can perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as decision making, understanding the visual information, or understanding language. At the AIWELL Lab we work to create AI technologies that are fair and reliable and that aim to promote and improve human well-being.

Our current research includes the creation of computational models to analyze and understand information in images or videos, analyze language, and perceive people and their behaviour. We also work on the application of these techniques in projects related to Social Robotics, Health and, more generally, Human Well-being. 

At AIWELL we are aware that all AI technologies must be reliable and must work correctly and fairly for any demographic group. For this reason our research also includes topics as Explainable AI and Fairness in AI, to create transparent AI systems that can provide explanations understandable by humans and work well for any data group.

Group Members

Research Lines

At AIWELL we work on the following research topics: