AI for Human Well-being
David Masip Rodo

Faculty Member

David Masip is professor in the Computer Science Department, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya since February 2007, and director of the Doctoral School since 2015. He studied Computer Science at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, obtaining an FPI grant in 2001 for starting his Ph.D. degree in the Computer Vision Center (Spain). He obtained the Ph.D. degree in September 2005. He obtained the best Thesis award in Computer Science. Previously, he worked as an assistant professor in the Applied Mathematics Department, Universitat de Barcelona, and in 2013 he was a Research Affiliate at Princeton University. He advised 3 doctoral theses (and 4 ongoing), participated in 14 research projects, being the PI in 4 of them. He published 28 high-impact journal publications and more than 30 conference papers.

His research interests are Computer Vision and Machine Learning, particularly Deep Learning (DL) algorithms applied to Affective Computing and Medical Image Analysis in eHealth. His current projects focus on adding explainable layers to DL, training DL models in small sample size problems (transfer and self-supervised learning), uncertainty modeling in DL, and applications of DL models to Retina Imaging.

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